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Tips For Deep-Cleaning Your Home During Winter

People spend a lot of time at home during the winter so it only makes sense to deep-clean!

2020 is here, and many people start the new year with a deep-clean of their home. Many often make New Year’s resolutions to clean their house more often or organize their homes to help it be more efficient and effective overall. While we’ve all heard of the infamous ‘spring cleaning’ that occurs as the weather begins to warm up — we should also point out the importance and commonality associated with a winter clean. Here we will provide some helpful tips to get your home extra clean this winter and allow you to enjoy your humble abode.

Clean Your Furnace And Replace All The Air Filters

Homeowners should take the time every three months to change out their air filters. In fact, by neglecting this critical component to a healthy and safe home, you could be putting your health at risk while also damaging your entire HVAC unit. Once you’ve replaced those air filters in your home, be sure you soak the ventilation covers as these tend to go through dust accumulation over that three-month timeframe that the filters have been in use. Beyond your air filters and ventilation covers, it’s essential to check your furnace and ensure it is in proper working order. The last thing you’ll want in the dead of winter is struggling to stay warm in your home because the heat doesn’t work or suffer the high cost of utility bills as a result of a subpar furnace.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Another often forgotten cleaning essential is the refrigerator coils. Dirty refrigerator coils have a way of raising your utility bills slightly, which can have a significant financial impact on you in the long-run. To efficiently clean the refrigerator coils, you’ll first need to unplug the refrigerator itself. Next, you’ll have to locate the refrigerator coils, which you can find on the back of the unit or at the very bottom of it. You may need to pull the refrigerator slightly to access the coils. Then, using a condenser coil brush or a specialized vacuum attachment, you’ll scrub away all the dirt and dust from that area and the coils themselves. 

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