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Summer Cleaning Tips You Should Know!

Summer Cleaning Tips That You Should Know!

We suggest putting essential oils in your bathroom so that your bathroom can smell fresh all summer long

Here are some summer cleaning tips that you should know! Usually, spring is synonymous with cleaning, but it’s just as essential to clean during the summer (and all year round!). Heat, humidity, mold, and rain can take its toll on a home during the summer. For this reason, it’s vital to keep a home fresh all summer long and beyond. 

Keep Your Home Odor-Free During the Summer

The smell of trash is unpleasant, but the summer heat takes this smell to another level. Heat and humidity create bacteria, and this is what creates an unpleasant odor inside of trash cans. The humid summer air can keep smells around for much longer than usual. Not every homeowner experiences this issue, but we recommend sprinkling baking soda into the bottom of your trashcans if you do. Baking soda absorbs unpleasant scents before they spread throughout the room.

Dust Like Never Before

What’s fantastic about the summer is that natural sunlight peaks through the windows, illuminating your entire home. With this in mind, it also makes your home a prime candidate for dust. If you have allergies, then we know that dust becomes an annoyance for you. Ensure that you dust your home regularly during the summer. 

Keep Mildew and Mold Away

A prime area for mold and mildew is the washing machine. Did you know that Clorox produces a washing machine cleaner? We suggest you try this product out and keep the washing machine closed when you aren’t using it. 

Clean Your Microwave Consistently

After you heat food, smells can linger around for weeks. Plus, caked-on food stains inside of a microwave are an eyesore. A true and tried method for tackling stains is using lemons. Cut the fruit in half, put the halves inside a bowl, and heat it for three minutes. This yellow fruit is also beneficial in another way. If you dispose of them down the garbage disposal, they freshen your drain as well. However, this only works for modern and sturdy pipes. An older garbage disposal may not be able to handle this. 

Essential Oils in the Bathroom Are Excellent During Summer

Your bathroom should be your oasis. You should enjoy the bubble bath and bath bombs that you use, but you should enjoy the overall smell of your bathroom. An alternative to air fresheners is essential oils. Each scent has its benefits. Lavender creates a calming effect while lemongrass purifies the air. 

If you want to give yourself a break from cleaning the house during the summer, give Misty Clean a call. Our team will take care of your home and clean it using precautionary measures.

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