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Suffer from Seasonal Allergies? The Fight Starts at Home

Some of us welcome the coming of spring, and some of us curse it. Those cursing it are likely victims of seasonal allergies, which are notoriously troublesome during the spring season. This is because of the various pollens circulating in addition to moist conditions encouraging mold spores.


If you think you leave the allergens behind you when you enter your home, think again.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do at home to help curb the sneezing at the door. Check out these tips, courtesy of WebMD.

Showering helps

Many people shower in the morning to start their day. However, during days of heavy pollen, season allergy sufferers would benefit more from a shower right after they returning home for the day. Pollen is so effective at spreading plant life because it sticks to EVERYTHING—your hair, clothes, and skin included. Showering as soon as you get home and washing your clothes (or leaving them in the laundry room) helps reduce the amount of pollen that spreads around your home.

Filtering is important

If you want relief from indoor allergies during tough seasons such as spring, you will need to frequently change your air filters. This goes for any air quality device or HVAC/central air system. Filters can quickly become filthy during pollen-intensive seasons. Needless to say, an overwhelmed air filter won’t be able to stop allergens from entering your home.

Cleaning is non-negotiable

We get it, cleaning is a chore. And if you’re sneezing and wiping itchy, watery eyes the entire time, it can certainly seem unappealing. Have you ever gotten dish soap in your eye? It’s not a fun time. However, mold spores, pollens and other allergens that aren’t stopped at the door or trapped by air filters needs to be cleaned ASAP. Otherwise, relief from indoor allergies will be extremely complicated.

This isn’t to say you have to do the cleaning yourself. In fact, many seasonal allergy sufferers turn to regular or one-time cleaning services to get rid of indoor allergens. It’s a great, affordable way to fight the frenzy of allergens without having to find time to do it. Just give Misty Clean a call!

Don’t let seasonal allergies win. Call Misty Clean!

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