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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dirty Dishes Pile Up


Consistently doing the dishes keeps your home healthy.

Do you have a bad habit of letting the dishes in your sink pile up? We understand. Some days it’s tempting to avoid washing dishes until absolutely necessary. Think about it though. That ever-growing pile of grimy cutlery is actively accumulating tons of bacteria. Procrastinating the tedious chore is really not worth it when rotting food sitting in your sink starts to attract rodents and pests. This week, we’ll explore why it’s extremely necessary to regularly wash your dishes, the health risks associated with neglecting to do so.

Washing Your Dishes Right Away Saves Money

With crusty, hardened stains, washing your dishes requires more soap and water than cleaning them immediately after using them. This uses a ton of energy. Not to mention, your water bill will go up exponentially. Waiting to do the dishes, and letting them pile up will cost you more free time as well. As you spend those precious minutes scrubbing last week’s spaghetti off of a million plates, you’ll probably start to think about all of the more productive things you could be doing with your time.

Promote A Healthy Home Today

The longer dirty dishes sit in the sink, the more time bacteria has to multiply. This is a serious health hazard! A high accumulation of bacteria attracts unwanted visitors such as rats, fruit flies, mice, and cockroaches. Not to mention, the smell from a sink-full of dirty dishes is horrendous! You and your family should consistently do the dishes to promote a healthy home.

Make the Task Easier For Yourself

The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. The more and more you let nasty plates, bowls and glasses pile up, the more difficult doing the dishes will be when you finally come around to it. You could also at least rinse them off for the time being. This way all the food that’s on them will not crust and become more difficult to remove. You’re saving yourself time, energy, and money by keeping your dishes clean. Don’t let them become a problem that’s unmanageable.

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