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How to Safely Clean Household Gadgets

Have you ever wondered how to clean your flatscreen television?

Have you ever wondered how to clean your flatscreen television?

Now that the long weekend has arrived, it’s the perfect time to tackle some extra household cleaning that didn’t make the cut during your spring cleaning spree. Here are some of our favorite household cleaning tips for the gadgets in your home!

Flatscreen Televisions

LED TV screens are notoriously fragile, so you should never use paper towels or chemicals on their surface. Use a smooth microfiber cloth designed for use on electronics and gently wipe the surface of the screen. If the mark will not go away, make a solution of 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and lightly spritz some on the cloth, not directly onto the surface. Not pressing down on the screen, lightly wipe your cloth across the surface until it goes away.


If you are lugging your tablet along with you this Memorial Day weekend, clean it up first. Don’t use chemicals on the surface and take the same solution that you made to clean your LCD television screen. First, spray it on a damp cloth and then gently buff the surface until smears are all gone.  


Smartphones go everywhere with us, and as a result, they pick up dirt from everywhere around us as well! Use wipes designed to clean smartphones to thoroughly clean every part of the surface. They should also be antibacterial to get rid of all the gross stuff lurking on your smartphone’s surface.


Ready to print out your hotel confirmation for the long weekend? Check your printer! Printers can print extremely low-quality sheets if they haven’t been cleaned in a long time. Use a can of forced air to gently blow dust and debris off of the inside of your printer.

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