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How to Safely Clean With Bleach


Learn how to use bleach safely!

Household bleach is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant. When used properly, bleach is a great tool use to maintain sterile surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. This week we’re discussing safe and effective ways to use bleach in your cleaning routine.

Read The Instructions

You may have been purchasing bleach for several years now, but you should always check the label for any safety regulations that may have changed. Bleach manufacturers are required to give clear instructions on how to use the products, so make sure that you read the bottle before you open it.

Store In A Childproof Place

All of your cleaning products, including bleach, should be stored in a safe place where your children can’t reach. Reduce the risk of chemical eye burn, poisoning, fume ingestion, and other dangers by storing your bleach in a locked cabinet or an out of reach place.

Keep Away From The Carpet

Make sure to avoid applying bleach near the carpet or other fabrics! Bleach can leave unsightly marks on carpet or fabric, and the marks are almost impossible to remove. Unless you want to stain your rug for fun, avoid using it near that area.

Do Not Mix

Never mix hypochlorite bleach with other cleaning products. This is particularly important for acid-based products like limescale removers, as well as products that contain ammonia. Mixing these products can release poisonous fumes.

Only Use the Recommended Amount

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, follow all of the directions! Using too much of a bleach or bleach-based product can damage the surface you’re trying to clean.

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