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Residential Deep Cleaning: How Often Should It Happen

Residential Deep Cleaning Misty Clean

Residential deep cleaning is different and more extensive than regular cleaning.

Residential deep cleaning is different and more extensive than regular cleaning. While deep cleaning doesn’t have to happen every day, your home can benefit from it happening now and then. We recommend that all of our customers and our future potential customers purchase a biannual top-to-bottom cleaning. For one, your home is more beautiful when it’s clean and tidy. 

Two, you can focus better when you live in a clean and organized home. Three, and most importantly, when germs accumulate in a home, it causes illness. We’re living in times where the fewer chances there are of becoming sick, the better. Let’s look at more details about residential deep cleaning. 

What Will Help You Determine How Often Residential Deep Cleaning Should Happen 

Every home is different, and how each homeowner cleans their house is unique. One factor to consider is the frequency of how often you clean your home. If you are a person who cleans their home consistently, deep cleaning doesn’t have to happen as often. It would also be best and helpful to consider how often you and your family use particular surfaces. 

For example, refrigerators need extra special attention. Everyone in the home opens the refrigerator door. Plus, meats sit in a fridge for a long time. Ask yourself: when was the last time I scrubbed out the vegetable bin? Places such as couches are also commonly ignored. Leather doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain. However, cloth couches are more susceptible to hard-to-remove stains and can have a particular odor when neglected. 

Another often-ignored home component is mattresses. Everyone knows to clean their linens, but when was the last time that your mattress had a thorough deep cleaning with baking soda? Cabinets are also an area that homeowners rarely sanitize. In short, the areas that you don’t clean every day, every week, or every month require residential deep cleaning. 

Residential Deep Cleaning Should Happen Bi-Annually or Quarterly; Some Spaces Need Only Annual Deep Cleaning 

Once again, areas such as your refrigerator, mattresses, and cabinets need bi-annual attention. However, depending on how much bacteria you believe these spaces have, you might want to clean them every season. Areas such as windows, fireplaces, and your dryer and vents need annual cleaning. A typical cleaning mistake that homeowners make is only removing lint from their dryer vent. However, it would be best if you soaked it in a cleaning solution to extend the lifespan of your dryer and avoid dust mites. 

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