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The Rainy Day Housekeeping Blues


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Wash away those rainy day blues!

Mother said there would be days like this. On these cold, damp days it can be difficult to maintain our motivation to keep the house tidy. Wash away those rainy day blues with a few of our best housekeeping tips! 


Take Advantage of the Mudroom

Did the kids or guests just track bits of mud into your clean kitchen? Implementing a “shoes off” rule during rainy days can cut the time you spend cleaning in half!

Maintain Hurricane Fido

If you take your pet out in the rain, dry him off once you’re indoors. Keep a few dry towels in the mudroom or entryway and ensure that you wipe him down thoroughly — from his ears to his paws! Drying your pet off will not only keep your carpet clean but also limit that inevitable wet-dog smell.

Avoid Clutter

It’s almost obligatory to spend rainy days indoors. With kids at home, it can be difficult to maintain an orderly household. You might be tempted to just let them run wild with their legos and building sets, but remember this may require more work for you at the end of the evening. Practice picking up toys with your child during the day to implement good organizational skills.

If you’re home alone, be mindful of the clutter you create. Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink and keep your paperwork organized.

Create a Purse/ Pack Area

If you’re entertaining this evening, avoid clutter or water damage by creating a designated area for purses, packs, or jackets. If there isn’t enough room in the mudroom or entryway place your guest’s items in a designated corner or area of the kitchen.

Professional Cleaning by Misty Clean

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