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Misty Clean’s Precautionary Measures During COVID-19

COVID-19 cleaning precautions

Misty Clean is taking precautionary measures as concern about COVID-19 intensifies

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. It’s normal to have concerns about cleanliness as we await more coverage and news updates about COVID-19. Cleanliness and safe practices are our number one priority. Not only are we taking precautionary measures to keep our clients safe, but we care about our employees as well. For 17 years, we’ve specialized in residential and commercial cleaning and want to ensure our clients that we will continue to execute the best practices. To learn more about what precautionary measures we’re taking, keep reading.

Misty Clean Takes Extra Steps to Promote Cleanliness and Safe Practices

During this pandemic, you can still rely on our residential cleaning services. As the Misty Clean staff enters your home, we will wear booties over our shoes as well as masks and gloves. Other efforts include using disinfectants, sanitizing each room. If you have a sanitizing spray that you can provide, we will spray doorknobs, phones, and other high traffic areas that are touched. One of the most efficient ways to stop the spread of germs and bacteria is house cleaning. You can still rely on us if you want a sanitized, clean, and dust-free home. 

How Our General Cleaning Services Can Benefit You

Misty Clean does offer top-to-bottom cleaning for special events or if you’re a real estate agent showing off a home. However, we recommend that our clients utilize our general cleaning services. How often the cleaning occurs is in your hands. We offer one-time general cleanings, as well as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options. We’ll even provide a checklist of the areas and items in your home that we plan on sanitizing, but we clean precisely how you like. We can tailor our list to your needs. If you’re a new customer that’s considering using our cleaning services, we’re offering $20 off on our first three visits. On the fourth visit, we even offer a free refrigerator cleaning.

What General Cleaning Services Does Misty Clean Offer?

***Disclaimer: We cannot promise that our general cleaning services will stop the Coronavirus from spreading to your home. However, house cleaning has been proven to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, dust, and illnesses, in general. Here are six of the many ways that we plan on cleaning your home if you hire us:

  • Countertop cleaning
  • Wiping down washers and dryers
  • Cleaning sinks and polish chrome
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing vanities, tubs, and showers
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping floors
  • Removing dust from blinds, ceilings, and light fixtures.

Call Misty Clean Today for a Professional Residential Cleaning!

Every home is unique, and every homeowner requires different cleaning services than the next. It’s important to hire a professional cleaning company that can customize their services to your needs, rather than paying for services you don’t need. Whether you need the master bath deep cleaned or you’re looking for the entire home to be sanitized, Misty Clean can help. If you’re ready to get your home Misty Clean, give us a call at (410) 255-4111 or visit us online. For more cleaning tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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