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Organization 101: 3 Bedroom Storage Ideas to Try Now

Next to closets, bedrooms are next on the list of the most cluttered rooms. Now, with tablets, laptops/desktops, gaming systems and all forms of entertainment, we spend more time in our bedrooms than many of us realize. As we bring more items into the bedroom, storage and clutter become more of a challenge.bedroom-storage-ideas

Need some bedroom storage ideas to get your room in order? Here are 3 of the best storage options to give a try!

Is that a monster under the bed?!

No, it’s just a laptop.. and a few other things. Plenty of things we keep in our bedrooms can fit under the bed, and you can find boxes, bins and drawers made for under-the-bed storage at various every day stores (such as Walmart or Target). Electronics, movies, books, shoes—you name it. Utilizing the space under the bed for storage is the best idea since bed frames with built-in storage drawers.

What’s hiding (or can be hidden) in the closet?

The answer: anything that can fit in a cube organizer. These relatively-new storage systems come in various heights and materials, and make sure of square ‘cubbies’ for organization. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and the storage works two ways. Books, movies, sculptures, and objects that can be stored (or displayed) on a flat surface can sit in the cubbies, while storage bins can be bought for anything else.

A mix of open-cubbies and cubby storage bins are usually used. Plus, since they come in different sizes, they can easily be used in closets for closet organization.

There’s a rack for that.

Bedroom organization has become such a huge concern for homeowners, that there is now a rack for anything you can think of. Shoes? There are both door-hanging and rolling racks of many sizes. Your wardrobe can be consolidated on a rack made for all of your clothes and accessories. These are another bedroom closet (or door) hack giving homeowners a way to store and organize their belongings easily.

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