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Open Shelving: How to Maintain a Tidy Kitchen

Learn how to keep your open shelves organized!

Learn how to keep your open shelves organized!

Open shelving is one of the hottest kitchen trends of the year, but many homeowners underestimate the maintenance involved with this popular design. Open shelving can enhance the natural beauty of a space, but only if they are kept tidy and organized. Maintain a clean kitchen all summer long, and learn how to keep your open shelves looking crisp.

Install an Exhaust Hood

An exhaust hood, or range hood, is installed above the kitchen cooktop and used to remove smoke and odors from the space. An advanced filtration method sucks up excess steam and heat and evacuates it from your kitchen. Range hoods are handy in more ways than one. They can also minimize the amount of residue and cooking oils that splash on your beautiful open shelves. So if you opt for open shelving, ensure that you have an exhaust hood installed.

Dust Often

Traditional shelving might not look as attractive as open shelving, but it helps to contain dust and other particles that float around your kitchen. To maintain your open shelving, dust as often as you can. Remove your bowls and cups to wipe down the surface of your shelves with a damp microfiber cloth. This step is simple, and it can transform the entire look of your shelves.

Pick and Choose

Open shelving displays your plates, cups, and coffee mugs to the world, so you probably don’t want to hang on to the plastic bar crawl cup from college. Pick and choose the items you want to incorporate into your kitchen because these items will add to the entirety of the space. Neutral colors are a safe choice, but consider incorporating bright hues to liven up the room.

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