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How Often Should I Throw Out My Kitchen Sponge?

Discover the best ways to sanitize your kitchen sponge!

Discover the best ways to sanitize your kitchen sponge!

If you’re like most homeowners, you wrestle with the topic of sterility in the kitchen. Between deep cleaning the oven interior, and scrubbing the refrigerator drawers, there never seems to be enough places to sanitize. But just how often do we really need to complete most of these household tasks? Today we’ll tackle the subject of the kitchen sponge — are you tossing it too early or too late?

The Nose Knows

In most cases, if a cleaning tool smells bad, it’s probably time to throw it out. However, the kitchen sponge comes in contact with food products so often, that it’s pound to harbor odor quickly. Don’t let the smell of your sponge dictate whether or not it’s time to throw it away. Sanitize it first. More often than not, the smell will disappear.

Daily Sanitation

The kitchen sponge needs to be sanitized after every use. Your kitchen contains more germs than any room in the house, and all of the germs land on the sponge after cleaning. Because of their moist, porous makeup, sponges are the perfect hangout for a variety of bacteria. It’s especially important to sanitize the kitchen sponge after cooking with meat, but please note that even vegetables can carry E. coli and Salmonella.

The Best Ways to Clean a Sponge

First, combine one part bleach with nine parts water in a small bucket and soak the sponge for a few minutes. This is an easy way to clean since you can drop the sponge into the mixture after you’ve finished cleaning up after dinner.

The microwave trick works, but the key is immersing the sponge in water first. Soak the sponge quickly, then microwave it for a minute to kill the bacteria.

Sanitizing your sponge daily prolongs the life of the tool! If you take the extra minutes to clean your sponge each day, you can use the same sponge for one month or longer before you replace it!

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