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How Often Should I Clean My Bedroom Sheets?

Discover how often you should be cleaning certain household items!

Discover how often you should be cleaning certain household items!

Dirty dishes and soiled laundry should be cleaned regularly, but what about other aspects of your home? The truth is, every household item has a different cleaning schedule. Discover when certain items need to be cleaned, and when they don’t.


You should clean your bed sheets once a week. Always check the label before washing your sheets, as they may have specific cleaning directions. Use warm water, since hot water can shrink fibers, and wash colored pillowcases inside out to avoid fading the color.


As a golden rule, you should wipe down kitchen surfaces every day after each use. Cleaning the area each day limits the amount of grime and dirt that builds up naturally over time. The kitchen is home to your family’s food, so daily cleaning is important to avoid the possibility of mice or bugs.

The Toilet

Clean the toilet bowl once a week with the following solution:

Pour ½ cup white vinegar into the bowl. Let it sit for several minutes then brush the interior of the toilet and then flush. Repeat each week!


Dust gathers quickly in any home, but it’s often difficult to spot in hidden places. Dust underneath of lampshades with a duster or soft cloth at least once a week!


Over time, pollen and other allergens clog the vents in your home. Once a month, remove the cover and vacuum the interior of the unit. In a similar vein, ensure that you’re changing your air filter every three months!


You may not have considered that your pillows need to be cleaned, but they do. Twice a year, throw your pillows into the washing machine to remove mold, bacteria, and odors.

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