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Keeping a Clean Home with Your K9


Maintain a clean home with your little rascal.

Your furry friend is a cute and cuddly companion. He’s been a part of your household for years now, and all of your family’s big memories include the little guy, wagging his tail happily. Fido has made a mark on your hearts, but has he also made a mark on your furniture?

Chances are that parts of your house are always covered in parts of his coat. When he comes inside from daily walks, his tracks can be found on the rug.

So what can you do?

Manage Dog Hair

If your dog has a long coat, chances are he sheds regularly. Fido’s yellow hairs can be found on the floor, furniture, and even your clothes. This can be avoided with regular grooming of your pup, and cleaning of your home. A buildup of dog hair isn’t only annoying; it can cause allergy problems for you and your family.

Keep Your Pet Clean

The best way to keep your home clean is to keep your dog clean. If your dog primarily lives indoors, it’s best to designate the kitchen or mudroom as a place to clean his paws after the day spent outdoors. Whatever he was rolling around in outside is going to be brought into your home. Forget about dog hair on the carpet, and consider the other messy factors your furry friend could have been a part of during his visit to the park.

Regularly bathe your pup. This is a healthy practice for you as a pet owner and a homeowner. A trip to the groomer keeps your pet clean and reduces the amount of hair he sheds on the carpet.

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