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Housecleaning Tips and Tricks That Every Parent Should Know

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Cheers To The Supermoms And Dads!

Life is busy with a little one, or several little ones at that. The days start early and end late with dirty dishes in the sink and a playroom filled with little Legos. Whether you’re new to parenthood or a seasoned warrior, the battle of keeping the house clean can seem like a never-ending struggle. Luckily, Misty Clean offers professional house cleaning services to an area near you, and we’re happy to share a few housecleaning tips for every hard working Momma and Papa bear out there.

Baby Wipes Are Your Friend

They do more than help you clean your baby’s little bottom. Baby wipes can be used to dust plants, condition leather, clean art supplies, and even to wipe down the entire kitchen. They’re made with natural substances, so you can feel good knowing that you aren’t exposing the household to other chemicals.

Water + Vinegar = Magic

Grandma loved to spray this solution on everything, and for good reason. Mix two parts warm water with one part vinegar as a cheap and natural way to keep your mirrors, television, windows, and other surfaces shining brightly.

Drop The Blocks!

Does your child love to build towers and trains out of blocks with his or her sticky little fingers? Don’t waste time wiping them down individually. Simply gather them in a washing bag and place them in the washing machine, running cold water. You can even wash your towels and other clothing at the same time to conserve water.

Put The Dishwasher to Work

Are you wasting time washing pacifiers, toys, and other items individually? Simply place them all in the dishwasher and sit back while it does the work for you!

Lint Rollers Are Your Secret Weapon

Lampshades attract a lot of dust that’s potentially harmful to your family. Luckily, they’re easily to clean. Use a lint rolled to collect any unwanted dust or dander. When your child is playing with glitter, cleaning it up can be a hassle! A lint roller can collect that pesky glitter easily, so your kids will have complete freedom to make everything as sparkly as they please.

Call Misty Clean Today for a Professional Cleaning!

Misty Clean offers packages that you can choose from, so you have control over the cleanliness of your home.  Each plan is enacted with care as if our workers are cleaning their own home.  We even offer garage sweeping!  With so many options, you should never shy away from a professional cleaning crew.

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