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Housecleaning that Makes a Difference

Misty Clean provides free housecleaning services for women who are struggling with breast cancer.

Misty Clean provides free housecleaning services for women who are struggling with breast cancer.

If you have ever known anyone who has struggled with breast cancer, you know the enormous struggle that they have gone through. They may not have time to get normal household chores taken care of, like housecleaning. That’s where Misty Clean comes in. Partnering with Cleaning for a Reason, Misty Clean has made a promise to provide a free maid service and do housecleaning for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Read on to find out how Misty Clean can help you or a loved one while they trying to beat breast cancer.

Why We Help These Women

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly. If you think of eight women that you know, the odds are that at least one of them will be diagnosed with this form of cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths of women living in America, claiming thousands of lives each year. Many risk factors, like genetics, can not be changed so there is no way to prevent this disease. Treatment can be brutal for these women. They go through hair loss, menstrual changes, overall fatigue, swelling, skin changes, and weight gain.

Misty Clean’s Promise

Unfortunately, women living with breast cancer can’t perform daily tasks like they once could. With many physical and mental stresses on their bodies, housecleaning is not a priority. Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit organization that provides free housecleaning services for women struggling with breast cancer. Misty Clean wants to do as much as they can to help these women lead a life as close to normal as possible: this includes living in a clean house! We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our work, and with the help of Cleaning for a Reason, we can help ease the workload of women living with breast cancer.

Get In Touch With Misty Clean Today

Misty Clean offers packages that you can choose from, so you have control over the cleanliness of your home.  Each plan is enacted with care as if our workers are cleaning their own home.  We even offer garage sweeping!  With so many options, you should never shy away from a professional cleaning crew.

Give us a call at: 410-255-4111. Hiring a cleaning crew has never been so easy with the help of Misty Clean!

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