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House Cleaning Tips That Help Fight Bacteria

House Cleaning Tips Misty Clean Inc

Here we are again to deliver more weekly house cleaning tips

Here we are again to deliver more weekly house cleaning tips. Bacteria is tricky because although a surface appears clean, all materials harbor bacteria. For that reason, it makes sense to clean the home from top to bottom now and then. Moisture and bacteria in both warm and colder months can spread quickly. While it’s not possible to rid your home of all germs, there are many things that you can do to keep the bacteria at bay. Here are some house cleaning tips that help fight bacteria. 

House Cleaning Tips Should Always Involve Proper Ventilation 

Even if you have fans, air conditioners, or central air in your home, it would be best to open your windows. Even when it’s cold outside, fresh air allows fresh air to enter the house and circulate. Try opening your windows for one hour each day if possible or at least several times each month. 

Washing Your Hands Counts and House Cleanings Tips are Synonymous

We understand that you know the importance of handwashing regularly. Hand hygiene plays a significant role in how clean your surfaces are. When you’re cleaning, focus on door handles, light switches, remote controls, and all of your devices. 

Clean All Parts of Your Bathroom

When bathroom cleaning occurs, homeowners often focus on the shower and tub area, floors, hardware, and the toilet. However, when you clean your toilet, more than the inside of it matters. Focus on cleaning the toilet flusher along with the toilet’s base and top. In addition, remind yourself to wash and replace your shower curtains when necessary, wash your bathroom rugs and decorative towels. 

Keep the Kitchen as Clean as Possible 

Places like the kitchen sink can be a hotspot for bacteria. After washing the dishes, ensure that you scrub out the sink each time. If you make a spill, clean it immediately to ensure that germs don’t accumulate. House cleaning tips also always involve changing your sponges often whether you’re cleaning the bathroom or kitchen. 

The point is that anything you touch can be a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, surface-level cleaning is never efficient alone. Hire Misty Clean today and inquire about our deep cleaning services and our biannual top-to-bottom cleaning services

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