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Is Your Home Ready For Jack Frost’s Arrival?

Christmas living room with pallet sofa, stone wall and wooden beams

Winter is coming!

With snowfall already reported further up North, it won’t be long until we’ll experience our first fluffy precipitation here in Maryland. As we dust off the flannel blankets and whip up a warm batch of hot cocoa, consider the aspects of your home that could use some TLC. “Spring cleaning” may be synonymous with tidying up your home, but why not start now when you’ve cooped up inside anyway? There are plenty of ways you can make your home sparkle (in between sips of hot chocolate, of course).

Change Your Furnace Air Filter

During the months when your heat is operating consistently, you should change your air filter at least once a month. This helps your home operate more efficiently, and it keeps the air you breathe cleaner as well.

Deep Clean The Carpets

Whether it’s the kids, the dogs, or the houseguests, those footsteps will eventually wear upon your floors and carpets. It’s important to take the time to steam clean your carpet and scrub your floors so that the grime from the outdoors doesn’t build up over the winter season.

Bust The Dust

The air in your home is warm and dry during the winter months, and dust accumulates quickly. In order to keep the dust at a manageable level, dust your home’s surfaces from top to bottom. Remember to dust the high places that may be harder to reach such as ceiling fans.

Wipe The Windows

Your home needs all of the sunshine that it can get so ensure that you give your windows a good cleaning at least once a month. If you have a fireplace in your home then soot could easily build up on the inside of your windows, leading to sun blockage.

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