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The History of Spring Cleaning, and How It’s Changing

Spring cleaning is just something we do without thinking about it, but its roots go far into history. In fact, the tradition goes back to the days before vacuums and dishwashers. Thank goodness for modern technology, right?


Spring cleaning is a tradition we all keep as a way to reviving our homes for the warmer months.

While the idea behind spring cleaning remains fairly intact, the way we tackle this annual deep cleaning has changed. Keep reading to find out the interesting reasons why we carry the tradition of cleaning in the spring, and how it’s changing.

Spring cleaning before the vacuum

Why did an overhaul of the home become a thing? Before central heating and air, homes were kept warm through the winter with fireplaces, which left soot and other debris throughout the house. Anyone with a fireplace knows ash, soot and other remnants get everywhere. So in the spring, when the weather would warm and the fireplace was mostly retired for the season, homeowners or housekeepers would open the doors and windows and do a deep cleaning to rid of the ash and muck.

The tradition is changing

Although many of us no longer worry about soot from a fireplace, we still consider spring an opportune time for a thorough, deep cleaning throughout the house. We even have modern cleaning technology that makes many of these tasks quick and easy. The problem is despite this technology, most of us still don’t have time to do a true, thorough cleaning as is tradition.

More and more people are turning to deluxe cleaning services to take care of not only their spring cleaning, but also their week-to-week cleaning tasks. We have more enriching ways to spend our personal time now more than ever, and between work, family and friends, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to deep clean. That’s why quality cleaning companies such as Misty Clean exist.

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