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Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving Guests

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a week away, which means that your home will soon be filled with family and friends. They come from all over from several states away to four blocks down, and they come hungry. While you’re shopping for the perfect turkey and breaking out Grandma’s sweet potato pie recipe, don’t forget to give your house the holiday cleaning it deserves.

Clean Before You Decorate

You may be excited to hang up that papier-mâché turkey your daughter made in school, but ensure that you’re giving your home the cleaning it needs before you begin to decorate. As a holiday rule, you should always clean prior to filling your home with wreaths and candles. Those string lights, bows, and autumnal pieces have gathered dust while in storage, so make sure that you’re wiping them down before presenting them in your home.

Organize the Coat Closet

Winter is coming, and guests will be wearing coats, scarves, and gloves to your Thanksgiving feast. Clean out the coat closet and make extra space for your guests. You won’t have to ask them to leave them on your bed, and have them looking through a large pile at the end of the evening!

Vacuum & Dust

The holidays are the perfect excuse for a good spring-cleaning. Vacuum the rugs and dust the counter tops and other furniture. This is especially important if you have any pets, as some guests may have allergies to your friendly pooch.

Adjust the Lighting

Skip the overhead lights and turn on the lamps during your holiday party. Light some candles and hang up those festive rope lights. The color temperature of your room can have a great effect on the mood of your Thanksgiving event. Dim lighting from lamps and candles creates a warm, inviting environment.


Once you’ve given your home a proper cleaning, you can start to decorate for your Thanksgiving feast! Save time on your Christmas decorations and choose items that you can incorporate into all winter seasons.

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