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How to Prepare Your Home for a Safe and Festive Halloween

Happy Halloween from Misty Clean!

Happy Halloween from Misty Clean!

Halloween is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to spruce up your home and get it ready for the ghosts and goblins who are going to knock on your door next week.

Holiday Decor

Decorating may be the best part of Halloween! There are so many fun and spooky ways to dress up your house for the holiday. Whether you lean more towards ghosts and witches on your roof, skeletons in your lawn, or the traditional and understated pumpkin and scarecrow, start by cleaning up the area and then have fun with the spooky decorations.

The Porch Light

The front porch light is the universal sign that a house is participating in trick-or-treating, so make sure you’re ready. Consider swapping out your standard bulb for a spooky purple or orange glow! Conversely, if you run out of candy, or if you simply don’t want to participate in the holiday, leave your light off so the kids know that you won’t be answering the bell.

The Sidewalk

Make sure that trick-or-treaters have a clear and safe path up to your door. Start by clearing any leaves or debris off of the sidewalk. Put away any bikes, toys, or other items that usually get left out in the yards. Finally, make sure the decorations don’t block the path or offer any other kind of hazard. On the day of, give the sidewalk one last sweep to get up any remaining leaves people could slip on, especially if it has been rainy.

Additional Lighting

Turn or-or add additional lights to make it easier for people to safely see where they are walking. This could mean turning on more interior lights so that your whole home is better lit. Or it could mean adding additional pathway lights to your yard. Don’t worry, you can still be spooky, even if people can see where they’re going.

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