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Fun Facts to Comfort the Germaphobe in You

Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.

Do you call yourself a “germaphobe”?

Do you wash your hands constantly? Do you use a paper towel to open public restroom doors? Do you wear rain boots in the gym shower? If so, you may be a germaphobe. Although “germaphobe” is not an actual medical term, many individuals refer to themselves by the name. Obsession over germs is not necessarily a bad thing unless it limits a person to being able to perform a job or other activities. Here are 4 comforting facts for the germaphobe in us all.

Go Ahead… Sit on the Toilet Seat

A toilet seat generally has 1,000 bacteria or less on their surfaces, which an object such as a shoe contains millions of bacteria. If the seat is not covered in urine or other materials and if you don’t have any open wounds on your posterior, it’s safe to sit on. You can’t get infections or catch diseased just from skin contact.

Your Soap Doesn’t have to be “Antibacterial”

The soap you use doesn’t have to be labeled “antibacterial” to remove bacteria effectively. Triclosan, the antibacterial agent found in antibacterial soap, has been known to create resistant strains of bacteria in some lab experiments. This means, that normal soap is actually better for you than “antibacterial” soaps.

Dry Your Hands!

If you avoid public hand dryers because of the notion that they “spread disease”, please reconsider. Various studies of the air surrounding air dryers have found that there were no signs of increased bacteria. If you leave the restroom with wet hands, you’re more likely to accumulate more germs as bacteria loves moisture.

It’s O.K. To Fly

When walking down the aisles of an airplane to your seat near the back, you may start to grimace as you hear coughs and sneezes. But did you know that most airplanes are equipped with HEPA air filters that filter 99.9 percent of the bacteria and viruses in the air?

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