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Do You Fall Under One of These Cleaning Personality Types?

Cleaning Personality Types Misty Clean, Inc.

What cleaning personality type do you think this person falls under?

Do you fall under one of these cleaning personality types? Every person feels differently about house cleaning. Some people enjoy and have the time to keep their homes in order. In contrast, some homeowners don’t have the time to scrub and dust as much as they’d like. Regardless of where you are on the cleaning spectrum, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a little help. Misty Clean, Inc. can keep your house spotless. In the meantime, check out these cleaning personality types. 

 The Person Who Often Delays Cleaning  

If you fall under this category, it’s hard for you to get tasks done even when necessary. You may procrastinate often. As a result, your living space may be slightly messy with laundry baskets and trash bins piling. 

The Person Who Can’t Function In a Home That Isn’t Clean 

If this is you, it means that dust has no place in your home. Your home is quite immaculate. Your home is so clean that there may be rooms that no one can even step inside of, and everyone must take off their shoes before entering your home. If this is your personality, you most likely will benefit from a weekly cleaning service. 

A Person Who Loves Stuff

Not to get this cleaning personality type confused with a hoarder. This means that you love shoes, gadgets, or other products and have trouble throwing away boxes or prioritizing cleaning because you don’t have much time on your hands. Because this isn’t as problematic as hoarding, it’s easy to fix this problem. Set aside 10 minutes to throw away shoe, electronic, and Amazon boxes. 

A Person Who Doesn’t Have a Lot of Things in Their Home

If you align with this cleaning personality type, it means that you are a minimalist. You don’t have much furniture or items in your home in general and would benefit from living in a small space, so there isn’t much to clean. As soon as you see a mess, you take care of it before things get out of hand. 

Two Other Cleaning Personality Types

  1. The Hoarder– The person who buys and lets things pile so much that it becomes a problem. It may be hard to see the floor or surfaces in this kind of household.
  2.  The Nonchalant Cleaner – Mess does not bother this personality type whatsoever. The only time this person may care about cleaning is when people are coming over (and maybe not even then) or when it is time to move out. (Your home would benefit from top-to-bottom cleaning services

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