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The Clutter-Free Home Rulebook

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De-clutter your home with helpful tips from Misty Clean!

You might have a few skeletons in your closet or maybe you just have too much junk in your closet. Either way, it’s time to minimize. At Misty Clean, we’re committed to delivering clean homes based on your individual needs. We offer top-to-bottom clean on every household and our comprehensive package has been developed to tackle the entire house in Spring Cleaning fashion. As fall turns the corner, it’s time to de-clutter our homes and prepare our minds for the new season.


Our homes are full of things we’ve collected throughout the years. Boxes, bags, and other Knick-knacks that may have held an importance before now take up valuable shelf space in the pantry and living room. The first step to maintaining a clutter free home is to rid of the things that you or your family don’t use anymore.

Raid your closet, examine the mudroom and purge your children’s old toys as a way to reduce clutter and promote cleanliness. Recognize that someone less fortunate than you could use those old sweaters that you never wear, or excess plates taking up space in the cabinets.


When your items are organized, it becomes much easier to keep track of everything you own. Searching for matching socks or a missing shoe becomes less stressful when they have their own specific place in the closet or dresser drawer. Minimize clutter that results in looking for something specific by maintaining all of your things in a neat and efficient manner.

Designate Homes for your Pets

Your furry friend brings endless love and joy to your family, but he’s also bringing endless amounts of dander and dirt into your home as well. Reduce the amount of “love” Fido spreads by designating dog beds or nap areas in different places of the home. This doesn’t mean that your pup can’t stroll around the interior of the house, but his resting place will be specific, and he will then shed in fewer areas.

Call Misty Clean Today for a Professional Cleaning!

Misty Clean offers packages that you can choose from, so you have control over the cleanliness of your home.  Each plan is enacted with care as if our workers are cleaning their own home.  We even offer garage sweeping!  With so many options, you should never shy away from a professional cleaning crew.

Give us a call at 410-255-4111. Hiring a cleaning crew has never been so easy with the help of Misty Clean!

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