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Cleaning Tips: How to Make Your Home Appear Less Disorganized

Cleaning Tips Misty Clean

Here comes Misty Clean to deliver more weekly cleaning tips!

Here comes Misty Clean to deliver more weekly cleaning tips! The most important thing about household cleaning is ensuring that you sanitize the home. Even if a surface appears clean, germs and bacteria can accumulate. In addition, homeowners care about how clean their homes appear. Visual clutter isn’t the goal. A sanitized home that looks organized and neat will make any homeowner happy. However, have you ever cleaned your house thoroughly, and it still appeared messy? Today we’re here to share some cleaning tips on how to make your home seem less disorganized. 

Cleaning Tips Relating to Throw Pillows and Blankets

There is no shame in admitting that you have a million pillows on your bed. We understand the aesthetic appeal and wanting to make a home feel cozier. However, too many textures on a bed or sofa can make the space appear overwhelming. If you’re dealing with a smaller room and many pillows and comforters, it can make the room look even tinier. Does that mean you have to discard your favorite pillows and comforters? Of course not! All you have to do is store them in a bin and switch them out when a new season appears or break up the monotony. 

Cleaning Tips and Countertops 

You don’t have to sit all of your appliances on your kitchen countertops simultaneously. If you don’t use your blender each day, you might want to consider storing it in your cabinets until you’re ready to use it. Having the instant coffee maker or Keurig on the countertop makes sense if you drink coffee every morning. Otherwise, too many things on a countertop will make it appear cluttered. The same goes for kitchen drawers. From silverware to appliances to dishware, every element of your kitchen should have a proper place to ensure the space looks as neat as possible.

Tiny Items and the Bathroom Countertop  

By now, you probably see where we’re going with this one. A million soaps and shampoos on a vanity look disorganized. It benefits you when the proper storage in each room so that you can stow away particular items. A million tiny items, in particular, ironically make a big mess. If you’d prefer not to store everything in cabinets, a cute tray on top of your vanity can make the items you use each day look organized. 

Book Piles 

A book or two on your nightstand won’t make your bedroom appear messy. However, a large book pile will. Books look neater when lined up on a bookshelf. You might be surprised how neatly organizing your favorite reads can make a room appear more elegant. Oh, and while you’re at it, you can tackle large mail piles as well. 

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