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Cleaning the Grill After a Fourth of July Bash

Maintain your outdoor grill with the following tips!

Maintain your outdoor grill with the following tips!

With the Fourth of July fireworks in the past, it’s time to clean up the last of the party mess. We don’t mean the leftover potato salad; we mean the mess you left on your grill. Maybe you gave your trusty grill a few passes with the grill brush when you pulled the final round of burgers off, but now it’s time to go in on grill cleanliness. Cleaning a grill is easy with these four simple steps.

Heat It Up

Before you get into the hard work of scrubbing your grill clean, you’ll want to burn off any remaining food residue by turning your grill on high for about fifteen minutes. Once you’ve burned off most of the mess, you’ll scrape anything left on the grates loose using a stainless steel grill brush. Next, make sure the grill is completely off with the propane tank detached or the main gas line turned off and let everything cool down.  

Soak and Scrub

Fill a large bucket with hot, soapy water (dish soap is fine) and place the grates and grill plates in to soak. Once they’ve had a few minutes in their bath use your grill brush to scrub everything down, letting any stubborn messes soak longer as needed. Once your grates and plates are clean rinse them off with a hose before setting aside to dry. Next, you will want to clean out the inside of the grill hood with your soapy water and grill brush and finish off by scrapping out your drip pan before giving it a turn in the bath. When everything has been thoroughly scrubbed and washed out, you can reassemble without waiting for it all to dry.

Polish the Exterior

Once you’ve got your interior cleaned up, it’s time to make sure the outside of your grill is polished up as well. Spills, sauce drips, and splatters can all get your grill dirty, and it’s important to make sure all the mess is cleaned up to prevent exterior rusting and staining. If your exterior is enamel, you can simply wipe it clean with glass cleaner and a paper towel. For stainless steel grills use a stainless steel safe cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to buff with the grain.  

Keep It Covered

Once your grill is dry and sparkling clean, it’s time to cover it up. Always keeping your grill covered when not in use may seem like an unnecessary step but it will save you a lot of work later on. If possible, find a cover with plenty of vents to let moisture escape so that no rust or mildew forms.

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