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Believe It Or Not, A Cluttered Home Can Affect Your Health


A housecleaning service will make sure you’re living in a healthy home.

With your busy schedule and overloading responsibilities, you deserve an area of refuge to come home to every day. We all know how easy it is to let your personal space fall into disorganized chaos. Yet, it’s extremely difficult to maintain your spaces’ cleanliness. Unfortunately, keeping your home neat and organized is crucial to you and your family’s health. A dirty, dingy house with dirt embedded in the carpets, crumbs littering the kitchen floor, and a constant sink full of dirty dishes attracts unwelcome visitors. Not to mention, the constant disarray will start to drive you crazy as you begin to have trouble locating important things. It’s proven that a cluttered home can and will affect your health if you don’t take the time to make sure it’s healthy maintained.

Respiratory Problems

Excessive clutter will aggravate and worsen your seasonal allergies. If the dust, debris, and pet dander accumulate enough, you could even develop asthma. According to the Alliance for Healthy Homes, cluttered homes contain higher levels of dust, which is a major cause of respiratory issues. The more dust you have floating around, the more dust mites. In a cluttered home, dusting is more difficult with constant barriers blocking hard-to-reach areas. If these areas are neglected, dust continues to pile up. Eventually, it’s going to start affecting your health. Professional cleaning jobs are necessary to rid your home of all dust, especially any that accumulates in those difficult spaces.

Rodents And Pests

Rodents and pests carry diseases that are extremely detrimental to your health! Insects, cockroaches, rats and mice love clutter. With more places to hide, your new visitors will love the added space to build their nests! Don’t let them. Decluttering your home keeps nasty vermin away. Letting them cozy up in your living space could land you with life-threatening diseases such as rat-bite fever, or salmonella. Be smart and hire a cleaning crew to make sure every nook and cranny of your home are spotless.

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