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Beat the Heat with 4 Summer Cleaning Tips


Keep your home looking its best all summer long!

July in Maryland is a thing of beauty. Fireflies dance in harmonious illumination, as crickets croon late into the evening. Summertime is certainly a wonderful time, save for the intense humidity that takes over most of the day. The extreme temperatures force many people to spend their day indoors in the comfort of the air conditioning. If you’ve found that your home is a little less than tidy as a result, discover how you can put it back together.

Stop Dirt in its Tracks

Whether you tend to the garden during the day or the kids spend their time playing outside, you can stop dirt before it even enters your home. Place a mat outside and another mat inside of the door. Doormats reduce the time you spend cleaning by collecting dirt off of the soles of your shoes and feet.

Filter the Dust

Air conditioning may keep your home cool, but it also keeps dust indoors. Ensure that you’re changing your filter once every three months or more depending on how much you use your heating and cooling system.

Avoid Garbage Odors

Smells are somehow more prominent during the hot, humid months. Eliminate odors by storing extra liners on the bottom of your trash can to protect against spills, leaks, and smelly garbage.

Keep the Bathroom Sparkling

Your bathroom is subject to humidity, too. If your bathroom is smelling a little less than wonderful, it could be your shower mat. Wash it thoroughly and dry it in the dryer or hang in on the clothesline. Take a few minutes out of your day to scrub the bathroom floor, as dirt and grime can easily build up during the summer months. 

Residential Cleaning from Misty Clean

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