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A Checklist for an Easy Thanksgiving Cleaning

misty clean Easy Thanksgiving Cleaning

Misty Clean has made a checklist for an easy Thanksgiving cleaning.

Thanksgiving is almost here. If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, you need to prepare your home ahead of time. If you’re panicking because the Thanksgiving cleaning will be overwhelming, then stop for a minute. Misty Clean has made a checklist for an easy Thanksgiving cleaning. So, let’s begin!

Begin the Cleaning from Ceiling to Your Floor

We all know this cleaning tip isn’t just for cleaning before or after Thanksgiving. Misty Clean wants to remind you of this golden rule that you must begin from the top, especially your ceiling. Also, clean off the cobwebs, then dust your cabinets and fixtures. Afterward, wipe or dust off everything and start polishing your floors. Don’t forget to sweep the other floors and vacuum the carpets. Cleaning this way will assist you because you won’t miss any spots.

Don’t Neglect to Clean Your Refrigerator

It’s no secret that food is critical during the holiday celebration. As such, you might also need to clean your fridge for an easy Thanksgiving cleaning. If you have a second empty refrigerator, then ensure it’s clean and functioning.

Without a second fridge, you must start cleaning it. First, pull out the food and check for expiration dates – tossing out expired or unnecessary foods. Secondly, wash the shelves and drawers and towel dry them before placing them back in your fridge. Now take the time to organize to make space for all those Thanksgiving dishes.

Clean Your Carpet

To maintain your carpet looking new, hire the best carpet cleaning service in Pasadena. It’s essential to allow our cleaning technicians to clean your carpet since they have the experience and ability to eliminate stains and odors. Then set up an area for your guests to leave their boots and shoes when they enter your home. That way, the floors will stay clean.

Prepare the Trash and Recycling Bins

Moreover, this tip will make an easy Thanksgiving cleaning on Thanksgiving Day. So, set up containers for remaining food – recyclable beverage containers, paper products, plastic – and label them. That way, your guests will know where everything goes once they are done eating. If you believe any trash cans or bins might fill up more than once, place extra bags underneath the first one since there’s already another bag to pull up and utilize.

In addition, replace the linen tablecloth with a plastic one, especially for the kids. That will make an easy Thanksgiving cleaning process!

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