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6 Ways to Clear Your Home of Spring Allergies

Rid your home of spring allergies with Misty Clean!

Rid your home of spring allergies with Misty Clean!

Spring is here and with it comes sprouting buds, blossoming flowers, and pollen… lots of pollen. You or a member of your family might suffer from allergies, but luckily there are steps you can take to limit the uncomfortable effects inside of your home. Learn how to rid your home of spring allergies with the following tips!

Vacuum Regularly

Allergens like pollen cling to the fibers of the carpet and the furniture, and some are so small that they can pass through a regular vacuum filter. Vacuum twice a week to ensure that you’re picking up every last speck.

Keep Shoes Outside

Not only do your shoes track in mud and grime, but they also invite allergens indoors. If you can, leave your shoes on the porch or in the garage to reduce the number of allergens you bring inside.

Shut the Windows

Open windows might be a signifier of spring, but it’s also a great way to welcome allergens into your home. Keep them shut until your allergies subside!

Scrub the Bathroom Tile

Mold is a health concern, and it can lead to a variety of allergy-related problems. Scrub your bathroom tiles regularly with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution, or use water and baking soda to battle tough stains.

Cut the Clutter

Piles of bills and paperwork are a breeding ground for allergens. Take the time to clear your home of clutter, your nose will thank you!

Wash Your Sheets

Just as allergens cling to your carpet, they can hide out on your pillowcases. Remove your linens from the bed and wash them in hot water in order to kill dust mites and pollen.

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