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6 Home Decorating Tips for a Festive Fall

Ready your home for the fall season!

Ready your home for the fall season!

When Fitzgerald wrote, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” he must have been referring to home decorating. The fall season is a chance for homeowners to fill their home with festive decor and pleasant autumnal fragrances. If you haven’t yet unpacked your warmest plaid blanket, discover how you can ready your home for the changing season with the following tips.

Dress Up The Front Porch

Have you recently visited a pumpkin patch with your kids? Put those orange fruits to use and place them on your front porch! Complete the festive look with smaller pumpkins, bright leaves, and flowers.

Cozy Up

Just as layering your clothing provides texture to your outfit, layering your home allows it to feel warm and cozy. Fold a plaid blanket over an armchair, pile the pillows on the couch, and swap out summer fabrics for darker hues.

Glam Up Your Gourds

If pumpkin carving isn’t your strong suit, consider using paint and glitter to decorate them. Simply spray paint the pumpkin white or gold, and use a fall pattern as an embellishment. Your neighbors will think you paid an arm and a leg for this fun DIY project!

Fill Up Your Vases

Take advantage of the vibrant flowers in full bloom here in Maryland. Fill your vases with wildflowers and fresh bouquets. Arrange them throughout your home for an elegant, decorative touch.

Warm Up The Deck

Don’t forget your outdoor living space. Swap out your summer furniture for fall pillows and cushions. Consider adding an outdoor heater or fireplace to stay warm all winter long!

Try Something Different

The changing season gives homeowners the opportunity to try new styles and trends. If you’d define your style as “classic” consider adding to colors and palettes to your decor.  

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