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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Clean

Pets are part of the family, whether you have a cat, dog, or several chirping parakeets. They stay with us through the best and worst of times, offering love with every cuddle and slobbery lick. If you maintain a home with a furry friend, you understand that cleaning up after them can become quite the chore! Learn how to keep the task simple, and discover five ways to keep your pet-friendly home sparkling clean.

It’s Time for a Bath 

One of the easiest ways to maintain a tidy home is to keep your pet clean! If you don’t already, start bathing your pet regularly. Every pet is different, and some may need more baths than others. If you take Fido on a hike and he rolls in something pungent, bath him that day to avoid more mess throughout the house. 

Vacuum Like You Mean It 

How often do you vacuum your carpets? Whether you have a pet with short hair or long, it’s important to vacuum your carpets at least once a week. Vacuuming the carpets regularly limits the spread of pet hair and helps to improve the air you breathe, too!

Clean Their Toys, Too 

From chew toys to feather wands, homeowners love to spoil their pets with toys! It’s important to clean these toys regularly, especially if your pet chews on them. If they’re machine washable, throw them in the laundry every few weeks. If not, wash them in the sink!

A Breath of Fresh Air 

Is your home smelling a little stale due to your pet? Sometimes, all your home needs is a little fresh air. Open the windows for thirty minutes to an hour and allow the fresh air to circulate throughout your home. 

Practicality Over Everything 

When purchasing a bed for your dog or other pet, be sensible about your decision. Sure, the white, fluffy one might look adorable in your bedroom, but can you clean it easily? Minimize mess and odor, and choose a bed that’s water-resistant and easy to clean. 

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