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5 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Clean

Discover how to make cleaning fun for your children!

Discover how to make cleaning fun for your children!

On rainy, summer days like this, it can be difficult to maintain a tidy home. Harsh weather conditions subject children to play indoors, which means that messes are sure to be made throughout the day. Discover how you can encourage your kids to keep their rooms and playing areas clean with these fun tips!

Color Coded Storage System

Kids love blocks, and unfortunately, they’re often left on the floor for an unknowing family member to step on. Stop blocks in their tracks by designing a color coded storage system. Your children will enjoy storing green blocks in a green container, red blocks in a red container, etc.

Repurpose Plastic

Plastic food containers make perfect storage bins for pencils and other small toys. You can allow your children to decorate the containers with paint, permanent marker, or glitter. Since the container is essentially a project your children created, they will feel more inclined to use it when cleaning.

Mason Jar Storage

Fidget spinners might be the cool, but most kids just want to find messy ways to make play dough and “slime” from scratch. This is a fun activity to do with your children, but it can create quite the mess. Keep their creations tidy by storing them in clear mason jars!


Make cleaning fun by turning a chore into a game! Cleanup hide-and-seek entails that the seeker picks a room to count in while the other players hide. While the seeker is counting, he or she picks up the toys in that room!

Offer a Reward

Rewards are a great way to encourage your children to clean, but they shouldn’t be the only method you use. Reward your children with screen time or ice cream, but ensure that they aren’t rushing to process of cleaning!

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