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5 Ways to Keep Sand Out of Your Home This Summer

Leave the beach outdoors!

Leave the beach outdoors!

The best part about the summer is that it means it’s finally beach season. There is nothing like heading to the beach, swimming in the ocean, and kicking back in the sand. However, the sand tends to travel back home with you during the summer and get all over your house. To keep your home tidy and keep sand out this summer, follow these tips.


Odds are, whatever footwear you wear to the beach this summer will track sand back to your house. This is where having a doormat can be useful because it gives your family a place to take their shoes and sandals off this summer right when they get home. This way, your home stays tidy and the sand confined to the area of the doormat.


A vacuum is useful for keeping your floor tidy from dust and other things that would make your home a mess, it can also be of help keeping your home tidy from the sand when it gets everywhere. Just vacuum over where the sand in your home gets to tidy it up.

Pack Your Beachbag Carefully 

Some items have a bad habit of wanting to bring the sand back into your home with you. Make sure you avoid these items. For example, this summer make sure you wear flip-flops or sandals to the beach instead of sneakers, which tend to get sand stuck in them.

Shower Outside 

Another helpful habit to pick up when returning from the beach this summer is to make every shower and change immediately when they get home. Get the sandy clothes off and wash your bodies completely of any sand that may have attached to it so it does not get all over your house.

Call in the Professionals

When in doubt about how to best get rid of the sand that seems to be piling up in your home, feel free to call in some professional help. Cleaning professionals can do an excellent job of getting rid of any sand trailed throughout your home, and can help in other ways too to keep your home nice and tidy this summer.

Call Misty Clean!

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