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4 Places That Germs are Hiding in Your Office


How clean is your workspace?

Take a look around your office. The trash may be emptied regularly and your coffee mug may be scrubbed after each use, but your workspace may not be as clean as you think. Germs hide in places that you oftentimes forget to check, and these germs can have a negative effect on your health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), germs can live on surfaces such as door knobs for several hours, waiting to be passed on to yourself or your colleagues. Here are a few places that germs may be hiding in your office.


Your hands are touching your keyboard for the majority of your workday, and your hands are covered in germs. The best way to clean your keyboard is to unplug it, turn it over and tap gently to remove any particles, and wipe the surface gently with an appropriate cleaner.

The Phone

Whether you’re barking orders into it or cooing apologies, your phone is swarming with germs from your mouth. Cleaning the mouthpiece may give you some peace of mind, but the entire set needs to be cleaned.


If you have your lunch, midday snack, or morning coffee at your desk chances are that germs are hiding out on your desktop. Once a week, wipe the surface down with an appropriate cleaner. Do this before you turn it on in the morning or before you leave for the night.

Your Chair

Your office throne is not as clean as you think. Before you sit down to start your day’s work, take a second to wipe down the arm rests and any other areas. Excess skin, and fluids can hide out on your chair, ready to wreak havoc on anyone else who may sit there.

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