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4 Important Steps to Take Before Moving Your Business

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Before moving your business to a new facility, ensure that the building is ready.

Growth is a natural process of life, but a necessary one to sustain a successful business. If your business is moving to a new facility as a result of an increased employee base or an increased customer base, ensure that the new building is ready. Here are four important steps to take before moving your business into a new facility.

Invest in a Quality Moving Company

The most efficient move starts with organization. Urge your employees to clean their desk and pack their belongings in marked boxes so the movers have a clear indicator of what is going where. Once you’ve done your part of packing up your personal belongings, ensuring that you invest in a quality moving company.

Hire a Painting Service

You might not want to stick with the bright yellow paint that the walls are currently covered with. How your facility looks is a reflection of your business, so you want it to look its best. If your business logo is a specific color, consider painting the front office in a similar shade. Customers will associate your business with that shade of blue or green which will have a positive marketing effect.

Consult an Electrician

Make sure the facility is up to code before you allow your employees to move in. Consult an electrician for a professional opinion. If you want to install any custom light fixtures or amenities, an electrician can help you as well.

Call a Professional Cleaning Service

A clean and presentable office is a necessity for a thriving business. A professional cleaning company can clean up what the last tenants may have left behind. The bathrooms, windows, ceilings, walls, and carpets will most likely need to be cleaned before clients begin stopping by for meetings. Put your best foot forward, and ensure that the office is clean and hygienic.

Call Misty Clean!

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