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The 4 Most Common Stains And How To Remove Them


Stain removal is easy with Misty Clean’s helpful tips.

Pesky stains are tough to handle. From those caked on grease stains covering your hand towels or those noticeable ink stains on your collared button-up. Whatever the case, your cleaning experts have your back! With years of training in making your home spotless, you can bet we know a thing or two about stain removal. Pretreating your stains is crucial to their ease of removal. The minute that tomato sauce splashes across your favorite blouse necessary precautions should be taken! Immediately submerge clothing in cold water. This will break down the stain before it soaks further into the fabric. So what are the most common clothing stains, and how do you remove them?

Grass Stains

With active kids comes the necessity of an active detergent. Grass stains are the most common, easily removed stains. Simply apply your preferred stain treatment and rub the fabric together. Using a toothbrush to scrub the solution into clothing fibers works best. Once you’ve done this, use white vinegar to remove all remaining green coloring.

Red Wine

A classic stain! Sometimes enjoying date night or wedding celebrations can get a little clumsy, especially with wine involved. Red wine stains are inevitable. Luckily, they’re extremely easy to remove. Cover the stain with sea salt. Salt absorbs the color, and should start turning pink. Place your stained clothing in cold water with an enzyme detergent overnight. The stain should be gone by morning. Immediately applying club soda when the spill occurs will make it easier to remove, as well.


You forget your thermos on your morning commute and end up bringing a mug from work instead. It takes one bump to have the steaming brown liquid scolding your legs. Your favorite white slacks are in good hands! Cover the affected area with your preferred stain treatment, and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Using your washing machines warm setting, wash the garment with an enzyme detergent. If the stain doesn’t come out after machine wash, use a toothbrush and dish detergent to work the remaining stain out.


The most stubborn stains of the bunch! Grease and oil stains are tough! With the application of an oil solvent, these difficult smudges can be removed easily. After the oil solvent has been applied, allow it to air dry. Machine wash your garment on the hottest setting. Once it’s been washed, cover the stain with cornstarch, baking soda, salt or baby powder and let it sit. Brush it off after a few minutes. If the stain remains, use dish detergent, then blot it dry with an enzyme detergent.

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