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4 Common Sheet Washing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you washing your linens correctly?

Are you washing your linens correctly?

How often do you lie in bed wondering, “when was the last time I washed my sheets?” The average person spends one-third of their life counting sheep, so it’s important that the bed be as sanitary as it is comfortable. Discover the four most common sheet washing mistakes that homeowners make every day.


Modern washing machines are bigger and more efficient than ever, but it’s still easy to overload them with bedding. Overloading the washer with sheets can cause them to bunch up, wrinkle, or even tear. Rather than cramming the entire set into the wash at one time, make time in your day to do two (if not several) loads. Not only will you extend the life of your linens, but you’ll also ensure a better clean.


It’s tempting to set the dryer and forget about the chore until later, but over-drying your sheets can cause them to shrink. If you don’t know how long it takes to dry your wet sheets, tumble dry the load on low heat for twenty minutes and check to see the progress once the timer is up. This might add an extra step to your task, but it will ensure that your sheets do not shrink or wrinkle.

Combining Loads

Many homeowners wash their sheets with towels to expedite the process. While combining sheets and towels may seem like an efficient way to complete this chore, it can cause serious drying issues. Towels dry slower than sheets, which means that your sheets will be dry long before your towels. Avoid washing towels with sheets unless you plan to air-dry them afterward.

Wrong Setting

Unless your bedsheets are seriously spoiled, it isn’t necessary to set the washer to the heavy-duty cycle. Other setting options will clean your sheets gentler and use less water than the heavy-duty setting.

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