5 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are the pesky little bugs that appear over the warm summer months to nibble on the overripe bananas that you totally meant to eat last week. Unfortunately, they can be incredibly tricky to get rid of once they…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean all Summer Long

As the summer continues to heat up, your home will become exposed to the seasonal elements. From sticky ice cream fingers to muddy paws, keeping your home clean can be a challenge during the summertime. Here’s how you can shield…

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The Essential Guide to Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboards serve a functional and decorative purpose within your home, however, oftentimes they’re overlooked during the cleaning process. This week we’re discussing how you can decrease dust and grime in your home by cleaning your baseboards effectively. Let’s explore.  

5 Ways You Can Start Cleaning Like a Professional

Cleaning the house is something that most homeowners dread, even with all of the modern conveniences that are available in stores. If you struggle to clean your home easily and effectively, use these Good Housekeeping-approved cleaning tips to simplify your…

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5 Of The Most Common Mistakes You Make While Ironing

Ironing is a tedious chore that keeps our clothes presentable and neat. Whether you’ve been ironing for three weeks or thirty years, you’re bound to have made a few mistakes. This week we’re discussing a few of the most common ironing…

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How to Safely Clean Household Gadgets

Now that the long weekend has arrived, it’s the perfect time to tackle some extra household cleaning that didn’t make the cut during your spring cleaning spree. Here are some of our favorite household cleaning tips for the gadgets in…

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